Our Story

St. John’s Lutheran Church goes back over 120 years, back when Bakersfield had only 5,000 people, and worship was in German! 
What does this mean? It means this is a community of believers that was here long before any of us, and – God willing – will be here long after any of us. God has been present in this church in amazing ways over these 12 decades, and is it possible the best is yet to come?
We have come a long way from when there were 12 members, back in the day when Bakersfield only had a population of about 5,000 people. A lot has changed, but the important things have not. God is the same God, His truth is still true, and He still changes lives by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Lord of the Church. 
People these days have a complicated relationship with “church,” but when a church functions as it should, we end up closer to God and with a greater impact on the world around us by being together than we would have been by being apart. The word “church” just means “gathering,” which highlights an eternal truth: relationships and community are good for you!
Did you know: the first person to use the word “church” in the Bible is none other than Jesus Himself? He used the word twice: once about the fact that the church proclaims truth to the world about Jesus, that He is the Christ, the Son of God (Matthew 16); in the other, Jesus talks about how a church helps us hold one another accountable to a holy life (Matthew 18). These are good things, and Jesus should know! 
That being said, we worship Jesus, not any church; we know their flaws as well as anyone. Our continued commitment is to try to be faithful, so the church is not a stumbling block but rather a pathway to a vibrant relationship between you and Jesus Christ. That’s what we want for you, and we know that’s what HE wants for you. 
To God be the glory!

Be A Part Of Our Story...

Picture this:
You arrive on Sunday and see smiling faces, hear joyful voices, and feel genuine excitement; it’s contagious. Loving, welcoming people are hanging out in the lobby before and after the services. Every seat is filled for worship and more service times are offered each week. Each visitor is greeted and feels thoroughly welcomed. God’s presence is abundantly evident!

St. John’s has become more than just a church – it’s a center for fellowship through neighborhood activities and social events. We have an amazing pool of volunteers and enthusiastic participants in our ministries and community service. There are programs open to children in the surrounding neighborhoods, providing a nurturing and safe place. We are reaching people outside our church walls through technology. The possibilities are endless!

It’s the church I want to be a part of, don’t you? Are we there yet? We’re working on it. Can we get there?  Absolutely, by God’s grace. The leadership at St. John’s shares a vision for our ministry, but it requires you. Come be a part of our story!

Join us as we gather to worship each Sunday Morning
at 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM