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Jesus said it best, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations"

Are you willing to be used by God?
If you are willing, you are on your way to the Holy Spirit giving you opportunities to share the reason for the hope you have in Jesus. Try praying this prayer: “God, open my eyes today to those who need you, and help me reflect your presence to them.”

Do you know the Gospel story well?
 There is something powerful about saying, “Can I pray for you now?” and then praying out loud for that person. You know this is true if someone has ever done this for you.Here are some numbers that would make someone in sales green with envy. Did you know 71% of people without a church are likely to accept an invitation from a family member, friend or neighbor to attend worship? And almost no one will reject your offer to pray for them.
The only thing keeping you from being a powerful Gospel witness is…you. However unnatural any of this might feel, with practice these things can become a natural part of your everyday life.

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