Bylaws Proposed Revisions - Board of Directors Bylaws Task Force

A series of Forums

To update our Bylaws, a series of forums are being held. The documentation of that process is available below. 

The next congregational meeting will be held June 3, 2018 following the 10:00 AM service in the Worship Center. 

Comments and suggestions may be sent to  responses.  

Bylaws Proposed Changes

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  1. 20180603 Bylaws Amendments Cover page
  2. Bylaws Congregation Meeting Forum CLEAN 2018_04_29
  3. Bylaws Congregation Meeting Forum REDLINE 2018_04_29


The Board of Directors Bylaws Task Force continues the process toward updating our bylaws to make the work of the ministry more effective. 

Bylaws Proposed Changes - Archives

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  1. Summary of proposed Bylaws revisions (as of 11-8-2017)
  2. Current operative copy of the church Bylaws (last amended and approved 12-11-2011)
  3. Red-lined version of #2 with proposed changes and revisions as of 11-8-2017
  4. Clean copy of revised Bylaws
  5. Constitution
  6. Board of Directors Governance Policies Manual
  7. Elder Policy Manual August 2017
  8. Responses Received to Bylaws Proposed Changes
  9. Summary of Bylaws revisions forum II 2018_03_13
  10. Red-lined version of Bylaws revisions reflecting feedback 2018_03_13
  11. Bylaws Revision forum II changes accepted 2018_03_13
  12. 2018-03-18 Bylaws Forum Feedback and Responses
  13. Bylaws Revision forum III changes  2018_04_29

An approval vote will be taken at a future to-be-announced congregational meeting.