$295 per student 
$345 per student
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Winter Theme!

This winter we will dive into the story of Jonah. For many of us this story is familiar and we may find Jonah’s attempt to run from God and the fits he throws along the way ridiculous. However, we miss that our hearts are more similar to Jonah’s than we may realize. Jonah determined, in his heart and mind, who he thought was worthy of the love of God. However scripture tells us that God desires that none perish but all come to repentance. It is not ours to decide who is worthy of the compassion, grace, mercy and love of God. Our hope is that as students hear the story of Jonah communicated, they would come to a deeper understanding of the grace and mercy that is displayed by God toward undeserving sinners like ourselves, and that our hearts should reflect God’s heart for the lost. As our hearts are transformed, our response as disciples of Christ is to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to a world that desperately needs Him.

What is Hume Lake?

Winter camp at Hume Lake is an amazing retreat weekend for Junior High and High School students. They can expect amazing worship, solid Bible teaching, great food, and tons of fun activities like Monster Tube Run, Broom Hockey Tournament,  Box Sled Blitz, Ice Skating, Mechanical Buffalo, Snowboard Run, and so much more! Our hope for each student who attends winter camp is to strengthen relationships with other believers and grow closer to God. Oh and have an epic weekend away!

Check out this video to catch a glimpse of the Hume experience.


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