St. John's Student Ministry (SSM)

Weekly worship, Bible studies, service projects, mission trips, Hume Lake Winter Camp, retreats, laser-tag, paintball, milkshakes...they're all part of the adventure that is St. John's Student Ministry (SSM)!  

Led by the Student Ministry Team - Cary Hoff  and Dereem Hoff - and many (brave!) volunteers, SSM includes opportunities for Jr. High (grades 7-8) and Sr. High (grades 9-12).  

Five Biblical principles found in Matthew 22:34-40 & Matthew 28:18-20 drive Student Ministry at St. John's:

  • Abide: we continually connect with Christ through a lifestyle of worship
  • Serve: we demonstrate the love of Christ through service to others
  • Reach: we share the good news of Jesus Christ with those who don't know Him
  • Bond: we live in community with fellow believers in Christ
  • Sharpen: we seek be disciples of Christ and to become disciple-makers

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