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And we've got some awesome plans in place for our SSM students--whether you've just left 6th grade or High School is no longer just a big, different campus you'll attend "one day". 

If you didn't get our mailer with our calendars, that's okay... we've got them right here for you. Take a look below, and make sure that you pick the correct one! 


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Ready to register? 

Not all of our events require pre-registration, but some of them do... And those ones are pretty limited on space. So you should register while you're thinking about it. Click on the correct image for you below to register now!

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Sound awesome... but need to know more? 

No worries, we get it. If you are new to St. John's Student Ministry (SSM), this is a LOT of information to take in. Summer is the best time to dive right in, make new friends,  and get to know our group and what we do.  Keep reading for a more in-depth description of each of our summer events. Once you've finished, make sure you mark the dates on your calendar and don't miss out!

Step Up! Step up to the next grade level! Interested in joining us this summer? If it's after June 10, then make sure you step up! Sixth graders, we welcome you into our SSM family--so check out our Jr. High activities! Graduated Eighth graders, go ahead and consider yourself a High Schooler, now! If you've graduated high school this year, don't worry--you can still spend the summer with us. 
Remix! Remix is our Sunday morning Bible class. Come to the 10 a.m. service in the Worship Center, and make sure to leave when the children are dismissed to Sunday School. You'll meet us (Cary and/or Dereem) in the lobby by the Youth Booth. We will head to The Garage together, where we will study God's Word and apply it to the place where you as students are in your lives today. When church is over, we'll walk back to the Worship Center. 
Game Night Game night at The Garage is back by popular demand! Just as it's called, we'll be playing games, games, and more games! We will have FREE FOOD, plus we'll open the Snack Shop for the first half-hour before go-time on the games. Wear comfortable shoes and make sure you bring a friend. (Note: Jr. High and High School have different game night dates/times)
Rush Night Our Jr. High students are invited to jump for your choice: 1 hour or 1.5 hours! We'll be meeting at Rush AirSports (3200 Buck Owens Blvd, 661.864.RUSH) for some trampoline park fun, starting at 6 p.m. The cost of the event depends on how long you plan to stay (1 hour = $13, 1.5 hour = $19). Bring money and your fancy Rush socks (or $3 extra to purchase some there). Make sure you show up before 6 p.m. to pay and prepare for jumping. Parents are required to fill out a waiver online at Wear comfortable clothing and be ready to go! 
District Youth Gathering Registration has already closed for this event, but we request that you pray for our Jr. High District Youth Gathering Trip. Pray that students will have a blast, develop and nurture great friendships, and learn more about being a hero to others for Jesus. 
Movie Night

It's big screen movie night in The Garage! Enjoy free popcorn! We will rent recently released movie options and let students vote on which one we watch. If you'd like to bring a movie (keep it rated PG-13 or less for High School, PG or G for Jr. High) to be included in the vote, you may do so (just make sure you put your name on it). 

Note: Jr. High and High School students have different movie night dates/times. High School has an added movie night at Edwards Theater (movie and time TBA). 

Fireworks Fundraiser Want to earn money for awesome SSM trips during the year? Sign up now for shifts in the Fireworks Booth. Must be 18+ to sell fireworks, but students can sign up to wave at cars and help draw attention to our booth. Also, spread the word and purchase fireworks from us to help support our students! 
Laser Tag

Get ready for an epic night of laser tag! Meet at RESPAWN (1901 Mineral Ct., Suite A | 661.679.4412). Arrive by 5:45 PM to prepare for battle. Cost for Jr. High is $20, and cost for High School is $25). Bring money to spend (no outside food/drinks permitted), and make sure to wear comfortable clothing and closed toed shoes (no exceptions to this rule). Bring a headband or hat.

NOTE: Jr. High and High School Laser Tag events take place on different dates. Please see your calendar for the appropriate date. 


Escape Room

SSM is taking over an Escape Room! As a team, you'll have to find clues and use your wit to solve puzzles to escape! Meet at Bakersfield Escape Room (3616 Coffee Rd. Suite C | 661.587.3710) at 5:45 p.m. to prepare for the awesome adventure. Cost is $30 per student. 

NOTE: Jr. High and High School Escape Room events will take place on different dates. Please see your calendar for the appropriate date. 


High School Mexico Mission Trip

Registration for this event has closed, but we ask that you please continue to pray for our Mission trip to Tijuana, MX. Please pray that God would protect our travels and work, bless the people we are going to serve, and empower us to live differently upon our return home to Bakersfield. 

Volunteer Opportunities are always available!

Students - Students in Grade 7 or higher (and parents, too) can volunteer to help with Vacation Bible School on campus at SJLC. VBS takes place July 16-20. Check out for more information and a link to register. 
Parents- SSM needs you! Volunteers with willing hearts who love the Lord and students are needed regularly or even periodically for tasks as simple as making milkshakes (really). Training is provided, and a background check is required. Contact Cary or Dereem for more information. 

Questions? Cary ( or Dereem ( are always at the ready to answer your questions. You can reach them at the email addresses above or by phone at 661.665.7815.