Solar Project

The solar project was approved at the Congregational Meeting on October 11, 2015.

Solar Project Completion Schedule
  • A 7-member Solar Task Force was appointed and has been working on this project for nine months
  • Seven companies provided bids to build the project
  • Three finalists were selected and made formal presentations to the Task Force
  • A-C Electric was selected and made a presentation to the BOD
  • BOD recommended to move forward with the project
Benefits of using solar at St. John’s:
  • Will provide 95% of SJ Ministry energy needs
  • Includes 15% increase for future buildings
  • Will provide renewable energy for the next 25 years
  • Selected contractor is A-C Electric who also installed the system at BCHS and Valley Baptist Church
  • Solar World panels made in America with a 30+ year track record
  • System size 548.24 kW DC
  • Construction cost $1,398,629
  • Power Purchase Agreement with buyout options
  • Estimated savings over 25 years including buyout in year 6:

$5,257,124 Savings

(Based on 3.9% annual utility escalator)

For more details on the Solar Project, see the information here.
For information on our vision for the Master Site Plan Expansion, see the information here.

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 SOLAR_St-John-Lutheran Layout (GROUND) 2015_09_10_1SOLAR_St John's Lutheran Rendering (GROUND) 2015_09_10