Vision for the Master Site Plan Expansion

October 2015

A) Sanctuary Remodel and Expansion      1,500,000*
  • Increase seating capacity by approximately 80%. The room was too full to be comfortable and inviting from the first week we occupied it.
  • Improve intelligibility in the room for the spoken word and song lyrics
  • Improve natural light, beauty, and warmth (these elements were greatly diminished during the “design to construction” as concessions were made for acoustics and HVAC)
  • Improve sight lines between worshippers and worship leaders and choir (now all these elements take place 90 degrees off of forward and is a distraction to worship)
  • Increase size of chancel and floor area up front for participation in Lord’s Supper and to present an array of worship support such as visuals, ensembles, dramatic elements, etc.
  • This acoustically enhanced room will also be utilized to restore additional, including “blended,” worship styles and times back to the ministry of St. John’s. We are blessed to now have Karissa Lystrup, a very high quality professional, to lead that ministry expansion.
B) Classroom Building      2,200,000*
  • Appropriate to the excellence of our school product, this building will have a state of the art Library/resource center, Science lab, and appropriately sized Jr. High classrooms.
C) Fellowship / Classroom / Conference Building 2,500,000*
  • We are continually confined by space needs. Discipleship/Bible studies, classes, ministry gatherings, funerals, conferences, worship services, clubs, sports, and the list goes on. Quality meeting spaces is our number one shortage. This building will contain a dividable conference center to seat groups from 60 to 300.  It will include a kitchen which will double as the school lunch room allowing our gymnasium to be available for physical education, will accommodate Bible studies, fellowship, and the many groups from our community that St. John’s serves.
D) Sanctuary Lobby Expansion      500,000*
  • With the Sanctuary expansion the lobby will be expanded to be much more appropriate for fellowship and information sharing on a week to week basis and provide adequate space for special services such as weddings and funerals – and with this expansion the hallway will be widened to remove the bottleneck of people movement over to HeBrews (coffee bar) and the information kiosks in the main lobby. This revision will also be designed to correct the excessive amount of conditioned air that is lost and flies that enter.
E) Parking Lot up to 650,000*
  • The dirt lot south of the traffic light is taxable because it is not developed as part of the non-profit – to alleviate this and make it more visually appealing and to accommodate parking for celebration services and special events, this would either be paved or possibly be covered with compacted granite.
F) Junior High Building Repurpose      250,000*
  • The current Jr. High building will have interior walls removed to make a wonderful mid-size gathering space (see “C” above) especially appropriate for outside groups with close proximity to parking and outside the Schools boundaries. We anticipate that much of this work will be able to be done by volunteers under the supervision of a job-site manager and that these costs will be considerably reduced.
G) Solar Array PPA w/ purchase option
  • While the tax credits are still available and it would save many dollars over the years and because it makes an important positive statement to our community, we are adding a solar field. A task force has done extensive research and recommends that we engage in a “power purchase agreement – PPA” so that the field is owned by others to take advantage of the tax credits and St. John’s purchases the power from them at a guaranteed “lower than public standards” rate with the option to purchase after 6-8 years. This also leaves the responsibility of maintenance on the PPA firm. This is expected to save St. John’s $5+ million dollars over the 25 year history of the solar install.

*High end, conservative estimate

Master Site Plan