LOVE DOES: Love People Where You Are

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  • Date: Sunday, February 17, 2019
  • Speaker: Christopher Hilken
  • Series: LOVE DOES

The Tension

  • Community – We expect connection like we expect food, water and sleep.


  • Socialization is not synonymous with community.
  • Speaking isn’t synonymous with connecting.
  • Vulnerability – We are hardwired to reject it.

Case Studies On Isolation

  • David – Isolation breeds sin
  • Elijah – Isolation breeds self-obsession
  • Jonah – Isolation prevents God’s will from being done
  • Jesus – Isolation invites Satan

LIFEGroup Cons

  • Starting can be awkward.
  • Vulnerability can be uncomfortable.
  • Your time is precious.

LIFEGroup Pros

  • We obey God as we engage in community.
  • Refining always happens when we open God’s Word.
  • Our echo chambers are eliminated.
  • Your marriage is less likely to end in divorce.
  • Your time is precious.
  • We model importance for our kids and peers.
  • We disciple others as we are discipled.
  • We have a vessel for service and generosity.
  • Surround our lives in prayer.
  • Missionary tool to reach a lost world.
  • Emergency support and encouragement.
  • We are refined by every aspect of relationships.
  • Jesus did it.
  • Life Groups are fun.
  • Keeps us on track to eternity in Heaven.

It’s not about you. Nothing is.