LOVE DOES: I'm With You!

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  • Date: Sunday, January 13, 2019
  • Speaker: Eric Van Scharrel
  • Series: LOVE DOES
  • Scripture: Matthew 4:17-25

“[Jesus said] FOLLOW me...” -Matthew 4:19


Key Point: Our primary goal isn’t to FIX people, it is to BE WITH them.


Jesus didn’t do ministry alone; He was first of all ANOINTED by the Holy Spirit and second of all ACCOMPANIED by His disciples.


Jesus wanted others to PARTICIPATE with Him in proclaiming the Kingdom of God.


“The seventy-two returned with JOY, saying, ‘Lord, even the DEMONS are subject to us in your name!’” (Luke 10:17).


Jesus does not call the QUALIFIED; He qualifies the CALLED.

INVITATION: Come back on Wednesday for our “Love Does” Bible study


CHALLENGE: Quit something this week that frees up time or emotional space for Jesus to work in your life.