Christmas Eve 4 & 6pm: A Charlie Brown Christmas

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GLORY to God in the highest, and on earth PEACE among those with whom He is pleased!” -Luke 2:14

Christmas is all about JESUS, and Christmas is all about YOU.

Not everyone enters Christmas with feelings of authentic JOY.

Certain people stand out as significantly DIFFERENT than the world around them.

Charlie Brown was able to see the FLAWS in the world that most people were too DISTRACTED to notice.

If we were to get what is coming to us, it wouldn’t be GOOD NEWS for us.

There is a SCRIPT for how God wants us to live, and part of our FRUSTRATION is with ourselves, and how far off script our lives often end up.

Despite our BEST efforts, sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by CHAOS of our own making.

The birth of Jesus is the BEGINNING, not the END of the story.