Sermon on the Mount: Anxious & Asking

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  • Date: Sunday, October 28, 2018
  • Speaker: Pastor Dennis Hilken
  • Series: Sermon on the Mount
  • Scripture: Matthew 6:19–7:11

No Secrets-Clear Goal: Jesus is better 


A person pursuing wholehearted devotion to God’s Kingdom through Jesus Christ is:

  1. Marked by faith and trust
    1. Money


I see your lips moving ~ let’s look inside


How’s your eye?


  1. Anxiety (especially regarding wealth)

Birds and People

How’s that working for you?

Who’s number 1


Kingdom Economics

Get/Give - Live/Die - Freedom/Surrender -

  1. Intentional about personal growth
    1. Judgmentalism

Time for an inspecktion

  1. Prayer

The Guarantee: Ask-Seek-Knock
on the
Kingdom door and it will open



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