Sermon on the Mount: Radical Love

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  • Date: Sunday, October 7, 2018
  • Speaker: Pastor Dennis Hilken
  • Series: Sermon on the Mount
  • Scripture: Matthew 5:21–5:48

“You Murderer!”


“You have heard that it was said~but I say to you”


Not negating the command–negating the understanding


The FINGER of God/The VOICE of God


MURDER – Matthew 5:21-26

  • Angry - Unforgiveness
  • Insult – Raca – Insulting Yahweh
  • Curse

Offender/Offended – Be Reconciled


ADULTERY - Matthew 5:27-30

                Lustful desire for anyone other than your spouse


DIVORCE - Matthew 5:31-32

                Marriage is sacred – divorce protects the non-offending spouse


OATHS - Matthew 5:33-37

                Always tell the truth and you won’t need to “swear by


RETALIATION - Matthew 5:38-42

                Seek grace, not retribution


LOVE FOR ENEMIES - Matthew 5:43-48

                Love all, not just the easy to love


BE PERFECT - Matthew 5:48 - COMPLETE

For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point
has become accountable for all of it.   James 2:10 (ESV)



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