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Mission Statement of St. John’s

Love l Learn l Lead

The people of St. John’s LOVE God and others,
LEARN to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ, and
LEAD others to discover and live out their calling as God’s people.


The Church is …

Universal - Us (St. John’s) - Households/Families (Acts 18) - Me


Jesus’ messages to the 7 churches

Ephesus                   (2:1-7)

Good:                       Rejects evil, perseveres, has patience

Bad:                         Love for Christ no longer fervent

Instruction:              Do the works you did at first

Promise:                  The tree of life

Smyrna                  (2:8-11)

Good:                       Gracefully bears suffering

Bad:                         None

Instruction:              Be faithful until death

Promise:                  The crown of life

Pergamos              (2:12-17)

Good:                       Keeps the faith of Christ

Bad:                         Tolerated immorality, idolatry, and heresies

Instruction:              Repent

Promise:                  Hidden manna and a stone with a new name

Thyatira                 (2:18-29)

Good:                       Love, service, faith, patience is greater than at first

Bad:                         Tolerates cult of idolatry and immorality

Instruction:              Judgment coming; keep the faith

Promise:                  Rule over nations and receive morning star

Sardis                     (3:1-6)

Good:                       Some have kept the faith

Bad:                         A dead church

Instruction:              Repent; strengthen what remains

Promise:                  Faithful honored and clothed in white

Philadelphia          (3:7-13)

Good:                       Perseveres in the faith

Bad:                         None

Instruction:              Keep the faith

Promise:                  A place in God’s presence, a new name, and the New Jerusalem

Laodicea                (3:14-22)

Good:                       None

Bad:                         Indifferent

Instruction:              Be zealous and repent

Promise:                  Share Christ’s throne

Not Yet – But Maybe
Cling to Your First Love


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