Week 3: The Red Letter Challenge - Week of Forgiving

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Forgiveness is not OPTIONAL.

Grace  +               Mercy         =       Peace

“Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea until they have something to forgive.” -C.S. Lewis



The responsibility of BINDING and LOOSING (Matt. 18:18).



The story of LIMITLESS forgiveness and UNPAYABLE debt (Matt. 18:21-35).


The enemies of forgiveness are…

        PRIDE                                          SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS                        ANGER

        HATE                                          BITTERNESS                                                   DESPAIR

…but forgiveness is the enemy of SATAN.


The one sinless person who ever walked this earth said (Luke 23:34)?

And the first martyr said (Acts 7:60)?


For personal study and LIFEgroups this week,

please use the Red Letter Challenge book, “Day 13 through 19” (p. 82-125). Messages are available at sjlchurch.org/sermons;

video resources can be found at sjlchurch.org/rlclifegroups.