The Problem of Sex

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The Biblical perspective on sex offers a fuller JOY

and FREEDOM than any alternative, and has

the potential to TRANSFORM our culture.




“God blessed them. And God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth…” Genesis 1:28




BROKEN paradigms about sex:

  1. Sex is not BAD


  1. Sex is not APPETITE


  1. Sex is not GOD


BIBLICAL paradigms about sex:

  1. Sex is meant to be a “VERY GOOD” part of creation.
  • “And the man and his wife were both NAKED and were not ASHAMED.
  1. Sex is meant for both PROCREATION and PLEASURE.


  1. Sex is meant as a metaphor for KNOWING God; ‘THIS [sex] is always about THAT [spirituality].
  • MONOGOMY = MONOTHEISM: ‘I belong completely, totally, and EXCLUSIVELY to you.’


Restrictive? Like a FISH in WATER.


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