The Problem of Hell

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The Problem of Hell

A right understanding of Hell
is dependent on a Biblical understanding of GRACE

  1. Covenant or saving grace
  2. Common grace
 Covenant grace

Unmerited favor of God only for the believer

  1. Covers the believer from God’s wrath FOREVER
  2. Instills the spirit of God within us as followers
  3. Gives hope to the believer of resurrection into heaven
  4. Regenerates us to walk in sanctification through Holy Spirit
 Common Grace

Unmerited Favor of God for the Believer and non-believer alike

  1. God gives temporal blessings (Matthew 5:45)
    • Reason

  2. God restrains sin (2 Thessalonians 2:7)
    • Reason

  3. God restrains wrath (Acts 17:30)
    • Reason

 Hell is, therefore…

The cementing of the soul against covenant grace

removal of God’s unmerited common grace




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