Registrations and Payments

Registering for events and making payments online is easy, safe and convenient through our St. John’s Vanco site. Your authorized donations or payments from your individual checking or savings account are securely* and electronically transferred into our St. John’s financial institution account through Vanco's ACH service.

registrations and payments


after making your selection(s), make sure to click on the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page and Choose One


There is a constantly changing variety of events and activities: SSM (Student Ministry), Kidz Ministry, Women’s Ministry and more. You’ll find you will be going back to this site as new events become available. If you complete your profile, you’ll enter your contact information once. Then the next time you visit the site, you will save time since you will just complete needed information for your new event.

You can register and/or make your payment when it is convenient for you, 24/7 (even if our office doors are closed), from your computer or even from your smartphone. 

*Learn more about Vanco's PCI Level 1 Compliance.