Are you ready to accept the challenge? 

We are! And we are excited to journey through this challenge with you! It's an exciting opportunity to grow individually and grow together as we go back to Christ's words and His instruction for us. 

Where did it start? 

The Red Letter Challenge was started at the Cross Lutheran Church in Mount Dora, FL. The results? Of course, they were extraordinary. Which is why we are presenting you, and ourselves, with this challenge. 


Because we want to truly follow Jesus, and we want you to, too. We want to be who Jesus called us to be and be the people that truly reflect Jesus and His love for us.


Easy. We'll be going through the challenge each week at Church, so make sure you don't miss a service! But if you get the workbook, you'll be set to go, too! The challenge goes through the five major principles that Jesus wants us to embody, and we'll find those words in red and a devotion each day. But you don't have to stop there. Think about it and apply it in your life quiet moments and in chaotic moments... pull out your Bible (or open that Bible app) and look for those red words. 


We have books on sale in the Church office, and in the courtyard on Sundays. Books are available for a $10 recommended donation. The fun doesn't stop there, though! Make sure to bring an extra $5 to pick up your Red Letter Challenge shirt--it's a great conversation starter! 

We're not done yet!

Tell us how your challenge is going--or better yet, show us! Find us on Facebook at, or follow us on Instagram @sjlcbakersfield. We'll be posting more there on the Red Letter Challenge. Make sure you use one of these on all your posts, too! #SJLCBakersfield #Redletterchallenge #haveyoureadthered



Is your LIFEgroup taking the challenge together? Click below to find some great video resources here for your LIFEgroup to use!