2019 National Youth Gathering


A national event held only once every three years, the National Youth Gathering (NYG) features opportunities for Spiritual growth, service, fellowship in the greater church body, opportunities to gain greater perspective, and travel to a different state! Join in worshipping, learning, and fun with 25,000 + other Christian teens from across the country! Register Now, or keep reading for more information! 

Who is invited: Students who have completed 8th -12th grades by summer of 2019

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Travel Arrangements: Travel by carpool to airport, flight to Minneapolis, and shuttle busses in destination city

Registration Opens: August 19, 2018

Registration Closes: October 19, 2018

Where do I register? Registration is now closed! (contact Cary or Dereem to be added to the waitlist)

Total Trip Cost: $1,400 - $1,800, dependent on group size, flight, and hotel rates. Cost inclusive of all travel expenses, lodging, t-shirt, and most meals. 

Cost breakdown by date:

  • Non-refundandable Trip Deposit: Due at registration - $150
  • Non-refundable Airfare Deposit: Due 1/2019 - Approximately $250
  • Non-refundable Hotel Deposit: Due 3/2019 - Approximately $250
  • Remaining Balance: Due 4/2019


Additional Important Dates & Information

Pre-Trip Meeting Schedule

pre-meeting schedule 1.PNG

It is our goal that all trip participants would be able to attend the required pre-trip meetings, as seen above, for team development and important trip information. However, in the case that your student is unable to attend any of these meetings, please let us know as far in advance as possible, in case we may be able to reschedule. Missed events that cannot be rescheduled will incur financial penalties. Participants are also expected to be a regular attendee of weekly Youth Group events. If a student drops out after the airfare cancellation period, the student's family is responsible for full airfare payment, as well as any applicable fees and other deposits paid. 

Because of the importance of these pre-trip events, the follow will apply if your student cannot attend one or more:

Absent for one event= No penalty

Absent for a second event= $50 penalty

Absent for a third event= $100 additional penalty

Absent for a fourth or fifth event= Student may not attend trip (non-refundable deposits will not be reimbursed)

Again, these requirements are designed to emphasize the importance of pre-trip planning and group bonding, and serve to make our trip a smoother and more fun experience for all involved. If an event is missed, the student and parent will need to meet a trip leader to pick up and be briefed on the material they missed.

Yearly Fundraising Opportunities

Pumpkinfest - Students will have the opportunity to sell food on October 27, 2018

Easter Breakfast - Students will prepare food on April 20, 2019, and sell food on April 21, 2019

Fireworks Booth - Adults will have the opportunity to sell fireworks while students can attract attention from nearby traffic. July 1 - 4, 2019

Adopt-A-Mile - Our congregation will have the opportunity to engage in NYG with us by supporting our travel to and from Minneapolis starting in January. Total funds earned will be divided by trip participants to help offset the cost of the trip. 

Additional fundraising opportunities are available for NYG trip participants due to the higher cost of the activity. 

Partial Scholarships Available

Need-based scholarships are available so that finances alone do not prevent a student from attending a trip. Participation in fundraisers and regular SSM Programming (weekly and/or whenever is possible) is expected of all scholarship recipients. 

If you have any questions, or would like to register your student using your Student Account Funds, please contact Cary or Dereem