Our Minot Mission Team makes the Minot News!

Hope Village is the organization that coordinates the volunteers who are helping rebuild Minot. A local Minot television station ran a story featuring St. John's volunteers Gail Vorhees and Nonda Roth who were working through Hope Village. 

Additional team members were Pam Roberts, Judie Walker, Donna Bauer, Ken Walker, Jack Roth, Bob Edwards, Sam Vorhees, Charlie Vorhees, and Jeff Mosley. Sam, Charlie and Jeff were on their second trip to help the survivors of the 2011 flood.

Transcript of 2013 newscast:

Helping out those in need can be contagious...

Just ask a group of volunteers from California who were in Minot last year helping rebuild homes damaged in the 2011 Mouse River Flood.

Now, a year later...that group is back -- with reinforcements!

Perry Olson has more on the group that was here last week continuing the rebuild process in the valley.

This Eastwood Park home is slowly coming back to life...thanks to volunteers being housed at Hope Village. These women are part of a group that is actually back for a second time to the Magic City -- moved to come back after a first trip last summer by their husbands...

(Gail Vorhees - Bakersfield, CA) "He was telling me how he had been blessed by being here and how much more work needed to be done..." (Nonda Roth - Bakersfield, CA) "He said I would like to go...and he said he wanted me to go with! I said oh boy!"

So the women joined the men. A group of 11 this year compared to four in 2012. They are members of St. John's Lutheran Church in Bakersfield -- and they consider this work something they have been called to do.

(Gail Vorhees - Bakersfield, CA) "Being able to help and serve as Jesus did...it just makes you feel special. It is awesome." (Nonda Roth - Bakersfield, CA) "I was nervous when I got here but now I am not nervous. I know why I am here...it is pretty cool."

Today's task was removing all the nails in the studs -- prepping them for drywall...and high above...

(Gail Vorhees - Bakersfield, CA) "I am sweeping the insulation off the inside...all of this white has to be out of here..."

To prepare for spray foam that was to follow... Not your typical work day for these women...but exactly what they want to be doing now...

(Nonda Roth - Bakersfield, CA) "I really feel kind of special here!"

Just like the work they are doing. In Minot, Perry Olson, KX News.

Hope Village Coordinator Steve Carbno says the Mouse River valley rebuild has been unique in the number of volunteers who return for more.

He estimates about 70 percent of those who come to the region to help rebuild are making a return trip now -- some from as far away as these folks from California, and another group that was recently at Hope Village from Pennsylvania.