Cornerstone Letter

June 11, 1950

To our children of generations to come:

On this Sunday, the Eleventh of June, Nineteen Hundred and Fifty, we, the members of St. John's congregation, stand before the cornerstone of our new church and parish hall and reach out our hands across the horizon of time to you, the children of generations yet to be born. We know not when this stone shall again be opened. If it is God's will, this stone may stand unmoved and unopened for many decades.

But when and if the time comes that you will look upon the contents of this cornerstone, we want you to know, dear children, that we realized the Lord does not dwell in temples made with hands, but that his dwelling-place is the heart that has been cleansed by the world's only Savior, Jesus Christ, true God and true man.

We want you to know that we, who on this day placed this cornerstone, found Jesus our only strength in life and our only hope in death. We want you to know that, though we lived in the age when atomic power was first discovered, we had made two far greater discoveries: the first that we were sinners, and the second, that Jesus was our only Savior.

When you open this stone, most of us standing here today will be sleeping in the great silent cities of eternal peace. In that day may you, our children and children's children, still be the salt of the earth, true to the Savior, true to His church, true to His Word and Sacraments. God bless you, our children!

This is our greeting to you across the horizon of time.
In Jesus name,

The Members of St. John's Lutheran Church
R.J. Jagels, Pastor
Edward Schlund, President
T.L. Frank, Secretary