Becoming a Member

Connections Class

We will discuss what it means to be a Christian …what it means to be a Lutheran Christian …and then …what it means to be a St. John’s Lutheran Church Christian. We will cover the nature of our Triune God, sinful man, and God’s plan to save us in Jesus Christ. We will study God's consistent pattern of interaction with humankind through faith, Baptism and Holy Communion, grace, and obedience.

All are welcome to attend, and fellowship is an integral part of the plan. This is a required course for EVERYONE (Lutheran or other) desiring to become a member of St. John's, but there is no obligation to join as an attender of the class. Please let us know if you would like to join us for the next session by contacting Pam Roberts at the church office (665-7815).

Check the Connections page for the next scheduled class.